What to Expect

EVERY TUESDAY Just Country Dance Club (at Lake Shore Fire Hall, 4498 Mountain Road, Pasadena, MD): Just Country is a club that does both line and couples dancing. Although this is organized as a club, everyone is welcome and membership is not required to attend the dances. Dancing begins at 6:30 and continues until 9:30.


question-mark1aWith a membership of about 100 dancers, Just Country has been dancing for more than 15 years in the Pasadena area. The annual cost to join is $15 which includes $1 off the weekly admission to the Tuesday dance, a free Christmas dance and a discount to any club Saturday dances. Most of the couples dances are pattern dances, i.e. El Paso, Shadow, Schottische, 6-Pack Summer with one or two 2-step and waltzes danced during the evening. Line dances done are both older and well as some of the latest. During the course of the evening there may be a review of a previously taught dance. At about 7:30 a line or couples pattern dance will be taught. Open dancing will follow until just before 9:00 when there will be a review of the dance(s) taught. At 9pm there will be a short break for announcements and 50/50 drawing with open dancing until 9:30. This is a fun evening with lots of socializing. The price of admission is $8 for club members and $9 for non-members which includes snacks. Soda is available in a vending machine.  "Open to the public." Park in the rear of the building and enter at the double-glass doors on the left.




EVERY FRIDAY at American Legion Post #276, 8068 Quarterfield Rd., Severn, MD 21144:


The dance begins at 7pm with open dancing until 7:45. There will be a lesson of either a line dance or a couple’s pattern dance. On most Fridays there may also be a review of a previously taught dance that may be causing some problems. Open dancing will follow with a review of the dances taught earlier that night about 8:30. We will then have open dancing until 10pm when there will be a short break for announcements. Open dancing will continue until about 10:30pm. At that time we will do what we call the “2 minute drill.” This is the period when very new dances which may only be known by a few people will be played for 2 minutes each. On the first Friday of each month instead of having a lesson on the main dance floor we will have an Open Dance with no lesson and dancing the entire evening.  Beginner lessons and a review or two of a previously taught dance MAY be held separately. During most of the evening there will be several different dances occurring at the same time, i.e. 1 or 2 line dances with a couples dance on the outside track. This requires all dancers to observe proper dance etiquette.  The cost of admission is $10 and $5 for dancers 8-12 years of age.  Soda, beer and mixed drinks are available.  Alcoholic beverages must be purchased from the bar.  Sodas and bottled water may be brought in.  Ice will be available.  This dance is "Open to the public" and everyone is welcome.