Dance Steps/Videos

Links to funny/interesting/unusual dancers on video:


If you think you are a pretty good dancer, watch this:

Dancin' The Boogie - Silvan Zingg, Will & Maéva

bunch of marines dance (great way to relax and have fun)

Evolution of Dance (video) 

Passion and Inspiration (video) (some people have two left feet. this guy has only one left foot)

Terrific dancing bird (video)
Dancing Skeleton Man (video)

Wheelchair Dance Competion (video of amazing wheelchair dancing) 


Step descriptions, music videos and dance videos of some of the dances taught since 2005:



1-2-3-4 Niels Poulsen (Denmark) Nov 2010 10 Video 4 Tutorial Video 

2 Broken Hearts (partner - step description)

50 WAYS   Pat Stott (UK) July 2012     7 Video 5 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video 2 Comments

1929 Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie (Eng) 2 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video 




A Cowboy and a DancerA Cowboy and a Dancer (teaching video)

A LITTLE BIT GYPSY    Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris (Mar 2014)

ABBACADABRA Ross Brown (UK) 5 Video 4 Tutorial Video 

After Party (step description)

AFTER THE STORM    Tina Argyle (May 2014)
Agua Y Fuego:

ALL ABOUT TONIGHT Dan Albro (6/2010) 1 Video

All I Do Is Love U 2 Much (step description and dance videos)

ALL SUMMER LONG Randy Pelletier 1 Video

ALL THE WAY    Robbie McGowan Hickie (May 2015)

ALLIGATOR WALK   Larry Bass (11- 25-09)     1 Video

AMAME Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK) Sept 08 3 Video 2 Tutorial Video 1 Comments

AMERICAN GIRL    Lisa M. Johns-Grose (Sept 2013)
AMERICAN KIDS    Randy Pelletier (June 2014)

Ami Oh (Viv Scott); Ami Oh (video); Ami Oh (step description with music)

AND THEY DANCED (step description with dance video)

Another Quickie


BABY BUBBLES Gaye Teather (UK) 1 Music Video

Baby come on - Linedance (dance video); BABY COM' ON (step description)

BABY DOLL WALTZ Larry Bass (1-04-10) 1 Video 3 Tutorial Video

BACK IN TIME Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK) Aug 11 3 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video

BAMBINO LATINO    Yvonne Anderson (UK) June 2014

BANG BANG Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward (May 2012) 10 Video 3 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video 1 Comments 

BANG BANG (EZ)    Annemaree Sleeth - Sept 2014 (Australia)

Bar Room Romeo

BE HAPPY    Debbie Hogg (March 2014)

BEAUTIFUL   Ira Weisburd (USA) Dec 2012     18 Video 1 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video 1 Comments

Beauty And The Beat (step description and dance videos)

Beer Goggles For 2 (partner)

BETTER & BETTER   Frank Trace     1 Video 2 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video 1 Comments

BEYOND YOUR EYES Peter & Alison, TheDanceFactoryUK, 2011 3 Video 2 Tutorial Video

BIG BANG BOOGIE Michele Burton – 2011 2 Video

BIG BLUE TREE    Ria Vos, Nov. 2015

Billy's Dance (step description) (partner);

DJ[cowboy] Billy's Dance (Partner Dance Demo Full) (dance video)

BITTERSWEET MEMORY Ria Vos 2 Video 1 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video

BLACK DRESSES (step description)

Blue Finger Lou (step description and dance video)

BLUE NIGHT CHA Kim Ray, UK (July 10) 3 Video 5 Tutorial Video (step description/dance video)

Blue Note (step description); Blue Note (music video) Toby Keith - Big Blue Note:

Blue Rose (Partner - step description); BLUE ROSE ( Western Partner Dance ) (dance video)

BLURRED LINES    Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk (April 2013)

BOBBI WITH AN I Rachael McEnaney (UK) (February 2010) 4 Video 4 Tutorial Video

Bop The B (step description); Bop the B linedance at The Barn in Scottsburg (dance video)

Born 2 Dance (step description and dance videos)

Bosa NovaBosa Nova-Linedance (video)

BOUNCE BOUNCE    Frank Trace (Jan 2013)

Bounce Step SheetBounce (video)

Boys 'Round Here    Helen Born & Nita Lindley (May 2013)

Brazil (step description and dance videos)

Butter Beans (step description, dance videos and music clip)

Butterfly Tattoo (step description)Butterfly Tattoo (teaching video by choreographer)

BUZZ ME Frank Trace 1 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video 1 Comments 



CANADIAN STOMP Unknown 1 Video (step description and dance video)

Candyman (step description)

CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU (step description with dance video)

Cara Mia

Caught in the ActCaught In The Act (video)

CAUGHT IN THE MOONLIGHT    Rachael McEnaney (UK/USA) July 2014
CECILIA    Willie Brown & Heather Barton (Scotland) Oct 2014

Charanga (Step description, dance video and music clip)

CHILL FACTOR (step description)

CLASSIC CHIC    Sue Ann Ehmann (June 2014)

Close By (partner - step description)

COME DANCE WITH ME Jo Thompson 6 Video 2 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video

Come Dance With Me (partner - step description)

COOL CHICK Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK) 3 Video

Country Rhumba (partner pattern dance)

CRABBUCKIT (step description); Crabbuckit (dance video)

CRAZY FOOT MAMBO Paul McAdam (MIL) 3 Video

CREEPIN'    Gail Smith (Aug 2011)
CROCODILE ROLL    Ira Weisburd (USA): Alison Johnstone (AUS): David Hoyn (AUS): Nov 2014

CRY TO ME (steps description); Cry to me (dance video); Cry To Me - Solomon Burke (music video)

Cumbia Semana (step description and video)

Cupid Shuffle (step description)

Cute Cute Cute (step description and one dance video (one video will not link)



D.H.S.S. (DELICIOUS, HOT, STRONG & SWEET) Gaye Teather 2 Video 

Dance Off My Blues Mishnock and Friends March 2009 (dance video) Note: send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for step description.

Dance Some More (step description with demo by choreographer and music clip)

DANCE WITH ME TONIGHT Peter & Alison, TheDanceFactoryUK, (Oct 2011) 3 Video 4 Tutorial Video 1 Comments 

Dance With You (partner pattern dance) - (step description)

DANCIN' FEET (step description with dance video)

Dancing Backwards (step description) (partner pattern dance)

DEAR FUTURE HUBBY    John Dembiec - 04/2015
DIRTY WORK    Laurie Schlekeway-Burkhardt & Jessica Kallina – Sept 2015

DISTURBIA Amy Christian-Sohn (May 2009) 1 Video

Dit Dot Ditty (step description); DIT DOT DITTY (step description)

DIZZY    Jo Thompson

Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo (step description)

DOG-GONE BLUES Jo Thompson Szymanski, Michele Burton & Michael Barr (Apr 10) 8 Video 2 Tutorial Video

Don't Cry On My Shoulder (step description, teaching video by choreographer, music clip)

Don't Feel Like Dancing (step description); Don't feel like dancing (Dance Video)

DON'T WANT NOBODY Wil Bos (NL) & Esmeralda v.d. Pol (NL) 3 Video 1 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video

Double XL (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs) (step description)Double XL (Ouch) (Video - poor quality)

DREAM LOVER    Daniel Whittaker (UK) Sept 2013

Dream Walkin' (step description)

Dreams of MartinaDreams of Martina (video); Dreams Of Martina (video)

Drizabone (step description, dance videos and MTV video)

Duck Soup (step description and dance videos)



East To WestEast to west (teaching video); East to West (dance video)

EEEZEE Boogie Kathy Brown (USA) Jan 08 

El Paso (step description); EL PASO (video) (we begin with right heel, hook vice right heel, touch back)

El Paso Stroll (partner - step description)

EMERGENCY    Frank Trace – July 2015

EMPTY    Yvonne Anderson, (March 2014)

EX'S AND OH'S    Amy Glass (Feb 2015)

EYE CANDY (step description with dance video)

EZ CAKE BY THE OCEAN    Sandy Goodman (Feb. 2016)


Fantasy Waltz (partner)

Fast Back

Fire On Ice (step description, multiple dance videos and music clip)

FIREBALL (Easy)    Marthe Thibeault (Sept 2014)

Firecracker (step description and MTV video - dance videos do not link)

Florida Stroll (partner)

Foolish (aka He Keeps Me) (step description and dance videos)

FRAGILE NOT BROKEN Dee Musk (UK) Jan 2011 1 Video 4 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video (steps, video, music)

FUJIYAMA MAMA Darren Bailey (May 10) 1 Video 1 Tutorial Video (steps, video)

Funkafied Blues Line Dance 2007 - Jo Thompson Szymanski (teaching video)



GALWAY GIRLS Chris Hodgson (UK) June 08 1 Video

Geek in the PinkGeek in the Pink Line Dance (video)

GET CLOSER (PegateMas) Frank Trace (Nov 2012) 1 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video 

GIRL CRUSH    Felicia Harris Jones (Feb 2015)

Go Greased Lightning (step description, many dance videos, MTV video)

Go Greased Lightning 1 (Video Part 1)

Go Greased Lightning 2 (Video Part 2)

GO SEVEN Ria Vos 2 Video 3 Tutorial Video 

Go With the Flow (partner step description)

GOIN' HAMM!    Trevor Thornton (April 2015) (step sheet & music)

Goin' Hamm Lesson & Demo (Video from

GOOD DADDY JIVE Frank Trace (May 2011) 1 Video

Good Time.pdf (step description); Line Dance - Good Time (dance video)

GOOD TIME JACKSON Dan Albro (3/11/2008) 1 Video

Gordita LindaGordita Linda (Little Fat One) (Video)

Gypsy Queen:

GYPSY ROSE Lorraine Kurtela 1 Video 1 Music Video 



HANDS UP CRAIG BENNETT, ENGLAND (Oct '09) 2 Video 1 Tutorial Video

Handyman (step description and dance video)

Happy Radio (step description, dance video, MTV video)

HAVE FUN GO MAD Scott Blevins (Apr 03) 3 Video 1 Tutorial Video

Heartbreaker (step description, dance video, MTV video)

HEY BOY Ria Vos 3 Video 2 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video 1 Comments 

Hey PeopleHey People (video)

HEY SOUL SISTER Ruben Luna, California, USA - Bracken Ellis Potter, California, USA 4 Video 2 Tutorial Video

HIDALGO BOOGIE    Ira Weisburd (USA) May, 2015

HIGHER & HIGHER Max Perry 3/03/08 1 Video

Hips (step description, dance video); Hips (dance video)

HOLLER OH BABE!   Frank Trace     2 Video 1 Comments

Home USA (step description, dance video)

HOW SWEET IT IS    Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs



I THANK YOU    Michele Perron (Lions Bay, BC, Canada) & Jo Thompson Szymanski (Denver, CO, USA) Jan 2015

I'M ALIVE (step description with dance video)

I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU    Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, NL & Sebastiaan Holtland, NL (12-07-2013)

I'M WORTH IT Too    Elaine Cook (July, 2015)

I Kissed A Girl (step description with dance videos and music video)

If I Could(step description with dance video)

If We Could.doc (step description); IF WE COULD (Partner dance video)

INTO THE ARENA Michael Vera-Lobos

Irish Stew (step description, dance video); Irish Stew-Linedance (video)

It’s Up To YouIt's Up To You: Complete (Video)



JAI' DU BOOGIE Max Perry 1 Video Jai Du Boogie ( Line Dance ) Walkthrough.wmv

JAILHOUSE CREOLE Double Trouble 1 Video

JAMAICA FAREWELL    Ira Weisburd (March 2016)

Jubilee Stroll (partner - step description); Jubilee Stroll (dance video)

Just Surrender (step description, dance video, MTV video)


KEEP IT BURNING John H. Robinson And Craig Bennett 1 Video

Keep On DancingKeep On Dancing (Video has a mistake in Section 5 where he does a side shuffle instead of the correct hip bumps) (Video also begins at Section 2)


Kill The SpidersKill The Spiders (step description)

KING OF JIVE    Darren Bailey (April 2014)

KITTY CAT   Ria Vos, (Nov 2012)     4 Video 5 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video

KNEE DEEP Peter & Alison, TheDanceFactoryUK 2 Tutorial Video 

KREEDOM    Michele Perron and Jo Thompson Szymanski (June 2013)


LAY LOW    Darren Bailey – Aug 2015

LENNEROCKERS STROLL    Francien Sittrop (Feb 2014)

Lie In The Sun (step description, dance video, MTV)

LIFE COULD BE A DREAM Jessica Guu & Jenny Brown, USA (Mar 2011) 4 Video 2 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video

LIPS    Jill Weiss (Nov 2014)

Little StarLittle Star (video); Little Star (video with Maurice Rowe)

LOUISIANA SWING Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie, UK (Sept 09) 1 Video 1 Tutorial Video

LOVE LETTER WALTZ Frank Trace (June 2011) 7 Video 3 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video 

LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME Frank Trace (Aug 2012) 2 Video 2 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video 1 Comments 

Love Trick (step description, dance videos, music clip)

LUCKY PUNCH Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK) 4 Video 5 Tutorial Video 



Magic Moon - Beginner Partner Dance

MAGIC MOON Robbie McGowan Hickie 1 Video (Line Dance)

MAKE MY DAY Francien Sittrop (December 08) 3 Video

MAKE YOU SWEAT Ria Vos 6 Video 4 Tutorial Video

MAKIN' IT Frank Trace 1 Video

MAMBORITMO Ira Weisburd (Jan, 2012) 9 Video 1 Tutorial Video 

MAMMA MARIA Frank Trace 4 Video 3 Tutorial Video 

Mars Attackmars attack - Rachael McEnaney (video)

MARTINI TIME Frank Trace (June, 2012) 4 Video 5 Tutorial Video 2 Music Video 

MARVIN GAYE    Mike Hitchen – May 2015

McGraw Stroll (partner - step description)

Miller MagicMiller magic (teaching video)

Misleading (Guyton & Pedro)Misleading (Video)

MOVE YOUR BODY Francien Sittrop 4 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video

Movin' and a Groovin'

MR. POSTMAN Jeanette Karlsson (Sweden) December 09 1 Video

MR. SO & SO    Rick Todd (Sept 2013)

MUCARA WALK (step description); Mucara Walk (teaching video); MUCARA WALK (dance video)

My Lady Soul:

MY LOVE RUNS OUT    Regina Cheung, Canada (May 2014)



Need You Now by Gwen Walker & GerryLynn Applegarth (dance video)

NICE & EASY    Patricia E. Stott (Aug 2014)

NO MORE CLOUDY DAYS Alan Birchall (updt 18th Jan 09) 2 Video

Not Like That (step description, dance videos, music clip); Not like that (teaching video)



OKLAHOMA WIND Gaye Teather (UK) (Jan 08) 1 Tutorial Video

OLD SCHOOL BOP    Sue Ann Ehmann (Nov 2011)

On The Water (Pete Harkness) (step description)On the Water (music video)

ONE    Amy Brockmann & Junior Willis

OVERWHELMED   Lisa M. Johns-Grose     4 Video 2 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video



PAPITO Francien Sittrop (NL) Sept 2012 2 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video

PELIGROSA    Ria Vos, March 2015

PICK A BALE Unknown 1 Video 5 Comments 

PONTOON Gail Smith (June 2012) 1 Video 2 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video 

POT OF GOLD (step description with dance video)

PRECIOUS MOMENTS Peter & Alison, TheDanceFactoryUK (Sept 08) 1 Video

Pretty Baby (Partner Dance Demo Full) (video)

PROUD MARY Burnin' Sobrielo Philip Gene (July ’11) 5 Video 1 Music Video

Push The ButtonPush The Button-Linedance (video)





RAGGLE TAGGLE Gypsy O    Maggie Gallagher (April 2014)


RED HIGH HEELS Moses Bourassa Jr. & Barbara Frechette 1 Video ;

Red High Heels ( Line Dance ) Walkthrough .wmv (teach video)

Red Wine (Partner-pattern dance) (step description)

REGRESA Ruben Luna 1 Video

Relight My Fire (step description, dance video, MTV)

Reminisce (partner - step description)REMINISCE dance video

Rhythm of the Falling Rain (step description); Rhythm Of The Falling Rain (video)

RIO Diana Lowery 3 Video (step description);Rio (teach video); Rio ( dance video)

Rock and Roll Music:

Rock This Party (Simon Ward) (step sheet); Rock This Party (video)

Roomba (step description and videos)



S.T. ONE    Rachael McEnaney-White (UK/USA) March 2016
Sag Drag & Fall (step description and dance video with choreographer)

Sambacha (step description, dance video, MTV); SambaCha (dance video)

S.B.S. (Shuffle Boogie Soul) Ira Weisburd (August, 2010) 19 Video 5 Tutorial Video

Schotische - see Sweetheart Schottische below.

Sea Salt Sally (step description, dance video, music clip)

Senorita (step description and dance video)

Shadow (partner - see The Shadow)

SHAKE IT FOR ME Larry Bass (3-31-11) 1 Video 1 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video

Shake Yourself LooseShake Yourself Loose (video)

SHANGHAI SURPRISE Jo Thompson Szymanski (USA) & Rachael McEnaney (UK) (Sept 2010) 6 Video 5 Tutorial Video

Shim Sham Boogie (Step description, dance video); Shim Sham Boogie (teaching video); Shim Sham Boogie (dancing video)

SimplementeSimplemente (step description, dance videos)

SISTER KATE Ria Vos (NL) 1 Video 1 Comments

Six Pack Summer (partner); SIX PACK SUMMER (O) (dance video).

SKIFFLE Time   Darren Bailey     10 Video 3 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video

SO INCREDIBLE (step description); So Incredible (Video)

SO JUST DANCE Dance Dance !    José miguel Belloque Vane (NL) Guillaume Richard (FR) May 2016

Soft & Slow (partner) (step description; Soft & Slow (music video) Josh Turner Your Man

Solo Humano (step description); Solo Humano (dance video)

SolunaSoluna (video)

Some BeachSome Beach (video)

SOMETHING IN THE WATER Niels Poulsen (Denmark) April 2011 12 Video 7 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video

Soul Steppin'S.O.U.L. Steppin' (Video)

SOUTHERN DELIGHT Rossella Corsi-Lord & Fred Lord Southern Delight (Video)

Speak To The SkySpeak to the Sky-Linedance (video)

Speak With Your Heart (step description and video)

Stagecoach Slide (partner) (Note:  In this area the man rolls across "behind the woman" vice in front as indicated in the step description.)

Stand By Me Cha (step description); Stand by me cha (teaching video); Stand by me cha (dancing video)

Sting Me (step description, dance videos)

Straight from the Heart (partner step description); STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART (dance video)

STRAIGHT TO MEMPHIS Kate Sala (Eng) May 2012 4 Video 1 Music Video 

SUCH A FOOL    Niels Poulsen (Denmark) May 2014

Suds in the BucketSuds in the bucket (teaching video)

SUGAR, PLEASE    Indieliners (April 2015)


Sweetheart Schottische (step description) (Note: For steps 13-16 we travel forward and not to the side. Same steps as described (right, left, right, scuff left) only forward with the lady turning 1 1/2 turns.);SWEETHEART SCHOTTISCHE (O) (dance video);

Swingin' With The King (step description and instructional video)

Swinging Grace (Jo Thompson Szymanski teaching dance)); Swinging Grace (step description and music clip)

Syncopated Love (step description); Syncopated Love (music video) Patti LaBelle - When You Talk About Love



Tailgate (Description: 32 count, 4 wall, beginner/intermedia...);Linedance lesson Tailgate Choreo. DanAlbro Music Tailgate Neal McCoy (teaching video)

TAKE U HOME    Junior Willis (USA)

Tango Cha (step description, dance videos, MTV)

TELL THE WORLD    Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK) March 2015

Tennessee Stroll (partner) (video)

TENNESSEE WALTZ SURPRISE Andy Chumbley (June 09) 2 Video 2 Tutorial Video

Texas Twist (step description); Texas Twist (Video)

THE BOMP    Kim Ray (May 2015)

THE FOX LINEDANCE (What Does The Fox Say?)    Raymond Sarlemijn, Darren Bailey, Line Sarlemijn, Lisa Albrigtsen, Wenche Malene

THE LOVE CLUB    Pim van Grootel & Bella Scholtzé (Oct. 2013)

The Rip (Video)

The Shadow (partner - step description); The Shadow (video)

The Shooter (partner)

This Little Light (step description)

TICKET TO THE BLUES!    Niels Poulsen (Denmark) May 2015

TOES Rachael McEnaney (UK) (February 2009) 3 Video 2 Tutorial Video 

Travelling Cha Cha (partner - step description); TRAVELING CHA CHA (O) (video - the hands at the end of the dance are a little different than we do)

TROUBLE WITH TREBLE    Maddison Glover (AUS) Aug 2014

Trust MeTrust Me-Linedance (video)

Trust Yourself (partner - step description)

2 Broken Hearts (partner - step description)



UNMISTAKABLE Darren Bailey 1 Video 1 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video

Until The End (step description); UNTIL THE END (video)

UPTOWN FUNKY    Jill Weiss (Dec 2014)




Vertical Expression (step description and dance videos)

Vulnerable (aka Escape) (step description, dance video, music video)



WAKE ME UP AND STAY    Helen Reeson (April 2012)

WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE Rachael McEnaney (UK) June 2012 3 Video 2 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video 2 Comments 

WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS Lois & John Nielson 3 Video 1 Tutorial Video

WAVE ON WAVE (step description with dance video)

WE NO SPEAK AMERICANO Pim van Grootel 2 Video 1 Tutorial Video

WELL DO YA?    Kim Ray (UK) March 2016

WHAT A THRILL Julia Wetzel (May, 2012) 4 Video 4 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video

WHISKEY S.O.B. Easy    Mitzi Day (USA) Aug 2015

Whiter Than White (step description, dance videos, MTV video)

WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME Kathy Chang (Aug 2012) 12 Video 5 Tutorial Video 1 Music Video 3 Comments 

Woman Up - EZ:

WONDERLAND WALTZ Rob Fowler (Aug 10) 6 Video 4 Tutorial Video

Wooden Nickle (partner step description)

Wrapped - (PARTNER)(step description)Wrapped (dance video) (Note:  video begins near the end of the dance)





Your Backyard - Karla Carter



ZJOZZYS FUNK Petra van der Velden 1 Video

ZYDECO LADY (step description)